Shaheer Ahmed

Shaheer brings profound personal knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the Wireless Industry. Prior to founding LocationGuru, he founded mBlazon Solutions and Lambent Technologies. The former is a leading wireless entertainment company in India while the latter has established itself as a leading offshore product development services provider from Central India.

Shaheer was instrumental in establishing the Wireless Business Line of Lambent and established Lambent's US operations in San Diego where he worked with some of largest wireless entertainment and LBS companies including Autodesk, TCS, Telmap, Sony Pictures, Electronic Arts, Konami, THQ Wireless, JAMDAT, etc. prior to moving to India to start mBlazon.

He brings with him a unique combination of excellent business vision and efficient technical execution given his years of experience managing development teams earlier in his career.

Abhay Chaudhary
Vice President, Engineering

Abhay has 14 years of experience in technology and software industry. He brings in seasoned expertise to manage software projects while maintaining high quality software processes at the workplace. Abhay worked in RnD of VoIP and SIP protocol based app implementations as Director at TZEE SMS. As the Director at Lambent Technologies he was instrumental in growing and handling the company's global projects while he was based out USA.

Amol Ghugre
Vice President, Products

Amol has 10 years of hardcore technology experience. With his profound knowledge and expertise in Agile and XP methodologies of software development, he heads the engineering efforts at LocationGuru. Amol was also the Director of Engineering at mBlazon Solutions PLC where he created engaging and top selling mobile entertainment, utility and social apps and platforms.