DelogEx (Enterprise Delivery Management System) is a solution to help the organizations manage their delivery operations. It improves planning efficiency, execution visibility and performance analysis for transport and logistics businesses It is a web-based application that provides the warehouse managers/supervisors provision to efficiently plan delivery schedule, monitor the progress of delivery on an interactive map interface.

The solution uses day to day work elements of organization viz. mobile phone with GPS, a desktop/laptop with internet and empowers the managers with a map based view of real time location updates of the team’s activities. Knowing the status of delivery helps managers monitor schedule of the day and ensure that a planned execution of the day goes through while attending any exceptions as they come in real time.

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Key Features

arrowComplete Management and Visibility of Deliveries in the last mile for dispatch and customer support
  • Manager gets a real-time view of its fleet and delivery person doing deliveries on a map.
  • Manager gets information of delivery assigned to a delivery person.
  • Manager gets a real time view of work progress (complete, in progress and still to go deliveries).
  • Support for Reverse Pickups, Cash On Delivery COD, and reconciliation process back at the distribution center.
arrowProof of delivery as it happens
  • Real time Information is received by the back-end servers and updated on monitor for monitoring work progress.
  • Real time Information is received by the back-end servers and made available to dispatch and customer support.
  • Pre-defined forms available on the mobile handset for capturing proof of delivery.
arrowOptimized Route Planning Automation
  • Enables managers to create optimized route for deliveries to be made in a few clicks.
  • Routes are created with respect to available fleet size optimized for distance, time, capacity of vehicle, pin codes or combination of these.
  • Support for end-to-end digital process workflows for in-house fleet as well as printed on paper work process for market rented vehicles.
arrowResource Hierarchy and Delivery organization Management
  • Configure your own organization structure with designations.
  • Manager can define delivery organization structure with Zones, Warehouse, DC, Store.
arrow Reporting
  • Reporting focused on dispatch and delivery process.
  • Different reports are available through which one can assess the performance of field personnel.
arrowMobile Application
  • End to End work process for delivery progress with automatic sync of field information to system as it happens.
  • Detailed trip plan for the delivery executive with turn by turn directions to delivery locations.
  • Resilient, Fault tolerant mobile application to withstand demands of field conditions.
  • Optimized use of location from GPS in the handset during the work process.
  • Intuitive mobile UI that enables delivery person to easily accomplish the work process and share information update with managers.