Organizations with equipment installations aka sites spread across geography face many challenges in keeping with uptime demands, honoring SLA’s and achieving customer satisfaction. Sites volume, geography spread, combined with manual operations management of maintenance activity and field service team results in a poor efficiency, proliferates cost of operations on one side adds stress and creates challenges in achieving customer satisfaction.

With lack of visibility of field operations team & tasks, sub optimal two-way communication with field force results in poor productivity of field team, delay in getting information and sometimes wrong information capturing from field activities. These systemic inefficiencies leads to higher cost of field operations.

SmartField, our SaaS based technology solution helps organizations in better managing of site management and field service operations. The plug-and-play solution can be deployed by easy integrations with the existing SCM, CRM, ERP or any other home grown systems. SmartField drives following benifites for your site management and maintenance.

- Lower operations Costs
- Improved site uptime
- Improved efficiency on field team with field force management
- Visibility and control of site maintenance activities
- Stress free productivity at controlled cost and high customer satisfaction

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Key Features

  • Integrated site management and maintenance.
  • Maintenance activity types and profile.
  • Rule based maintenance task assignment.
  • Real time collection of location tagged, field information with pictures of issues and resolutions.
  • Seamless integration with ERP system for data import/ export.
  • Decision driven analytics available on dashboard and over email.