Augment Field Services Management.


To deliver on the high uptime demand, infrastructure companies need effective and efficient management and maintenance of these tower sites. There are several challenges that an organization faces in effective & efficient management of these assets such as -

  • Poor productivity of field personnel.
  • Higher costs due to systemic inefficiencies.
  • Sub-optimal two-way communication with field force.

SmartField, our SaaS based product helps organizations in overcoming these challenges by helping them get a better hold on field operations. The plug-and-play solution can be deployed by easy integrations with the existing SCM, CRM, ERP or any other home grown systems.


Real-time monitoring & field info

Real-time map based resource view. Capture real-time field information.

Automatic Scheduling & Maintenance

Predictive maintenance. Breakdown & Emergency Management.

SLA Management

Predictive maintenance of assets. Automated allocation of Incidents to technicians with Escalation management.


Integrated sensor data can detect proximity, power factor & fuel pilferage


Reduce Cost

Reduction in Operational Costs

Reduce TAT

Improve SLA compliance & reduct TAT

Enhance Transparency

Enhance transparency & Efficiency in operations

Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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