Fuel pilferage monitoring.


E-Funnel is an electronic fluid gauging device. It measures the quantum of fluid flowing through it with maximum accuracy. All the information of every fluid filling can be accessed through an application on your mobile or through our website on your desktop, irrespective of the system’s location. It is a cloud based IoT device. It provides all the data in analytical form. It is a composite product which provides customers a secure solution to monitor fuel fillings of vehicles at gas stations, diesel generator sites and network towers. It analyses fuel filling patterns, consumption patterns and generates reports which helps to manage fuel expenses.


Refill Notification

Fuel refill alerts and accurate flow reading.

Location Tracking

Location based alerts for monitoring over a large region.

Tamper Alert

Device security is sustained through tamper alerts on device sent directly to the user.

Battery Backup

At times of power failure, a backup battery assists in continuous operations.


Reduce Cost

Reduce Fuel Wastage & Associated Costs

Increase Efficiency

Service Operations Efficiency


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