SmartGeo Location Server

SmartGeo Location Server is the ubiquitous Location Platform covering various positioning technologies & solutions. SmartGeo Location has robust, scalable and fault tolerant GMLC and control plane SMLC solutions to be deployed in operator network environment and interfacing with external LCS client applications.

SmartGeo Location Server also supports “User Plane” and “Hybrid” solutions for determining mobile location.

SmartGeo Location server has following elements.

SmartGeo GMLC

SmartGeo GMLC is a control plane system that interfaces with telco’s network and location services clients to provide a mobile’s location

SmartGeo GMLC Features & Capabilities

SmartGeo SMLC

SmartGeo SMLC is a standards-based, integrated, and highly scalable solution that supports control plane location technology for 2G, 3G, LTE networks. It manages the overall coordination and scheduling of resources required to perform positioning of a mobile, and calculates the final location estimate and accuracy.

SmartGeo SMLC Capabilities

User Plane Solutions

This is a “device based” solution instead of “network based” one which results in high accuracy as device is itself involved in determining location via GPS. A small application is installed on the device and a small scaled down GMLC is included as part of the mobile application to manage security and authentication requests.

The application is activated when the user invokes a location based service. In addition to the “Pull” model, “Push” based location requests (ex. trail, geo-fence) are also supported with the help of scaled down GMLC.

Hybrid Solutions

The hybrid positioning solution combines control plane and user plane solutions depending on the real-time environmental conditions when location request is being served. For ex. GPS is not reliable or may not work when device is inside a building or in a high-density urban area with high-rise buildings or under cloudy conditions. In such scenarios, user plane location determination is complemented with control plane positioning methods to allow for most accurate, consistent & reliable location determination.