Monitor Fleets in Real-time.


SmartTrack is a fleet management solution that helps businesses to manage and maintain their fleets. Manage your fleet operations to continuously identify ideas, improvements and cost savings opportunities. Our integrated hardware, cloud and app solutions deliver best in class performance of fleets. Fleet managers gain a complete visibility of their fleet including advanced real-time capabilities like vehicle health monitoring, crucial alerts and predictive maintenance.


Real time monitoring

Locate your fleets in real time with location alerts.

Vehicle Health monitoring

Receive alerts in terms of Engine condition, Battery status, Hard braking and other factors.

Driver management

Manage drivers for your fleet and get insights on driving behavior through weekly summary.

Geo fencing

Define virtual fence and receive alerts.

Reports and dashboards

Interactive dashboard showing vehicle status, speed and optimum utilization.


Reduce Cost

Reduce Operational Cost

Decrease TAT

Decrease Turnaround Time

Improve Efficiency

Improve Delivery Efficiency

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

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