Step into an IoT Enabled Landscape.


IoT is the next generation digital bridge connecting everything to everything. LocationGuru’s approach to IoT is structured around how data connecting Smart Objects can be processed to gather meaningful insights. LocationGuru SmartIoT Platform facilitates mass ingesting, validating, transforming and storing of high volume structured/unstructured data in highly scalable and available storage. It further correlates & analyses data to provide meaningful insights using advance visualization techniques.


  • API Layer : Unifies different protocols and different data formats into single interface ensuring accurate data streaming and interaction with all devices.
  • Security, Access & Control : Ensures security, access & control for external & internal services.
  • Data Acquisition, Validation & Transformation : Acquires, validates and transforms incoming high volume data as per need.
  • Device management : Ensures the connected devices are working properly, seamlessly running patches and updates for software and applications running on the device or edge gateways.
  • Data Storage : Scalable and highly available storage of device data structured/unstructured in SQL/NoSQL in terms of data volume, variety, velocity and veracity.
  • Rule based Engine : Manages rule-based event-action-triggers enabling execution of intelligent actions based on specific sensor data.
  • Alerts & Alarm Management : Generates alarms and alerts can communicate it via various channels to different systems and stake holders.
  • Analytics : Performs a range of complex analysis from basic data clustering and deep machine learning to predictive analytics extracting the most value out of the IoT data-stream.
  • Reports & Visualization : Enables humans to see patterns and observe trends from visualization dashboards where data is vividly portrayed through line-, stacked-, or pie charts, 2D- or even 3D-models.
  • Administration & Control : Allows better control on users, roles, privileges creation and management.
  • External Party interfaces/Adapters : Integrate with 3rd-party systems and the rest of the wider IT-ecosystem via built-in application programming interfaces (API), software development kits (SDK), and gateways.

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